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truely an amazing mentor, her kindness and patience with her students goes unmatched, and her post training support is IMMACULATE💗💗. TAKE THE COURSE this will be an experience you’ll never forget!!

Ashley, @kumibeautyy

Enough gatekeeping, girls if you are looking for the best mentor in the industry, Minh is the one!! I came into this course super nervous and unsure of what to expect, but honestly these 2 days taught me sooo much. It opened my eyes & helped me feel more confident and motivated.

Jenny, @glowbeautymelb

This course was the best investment I’ve ever made as it provided me with so much knowledge and support to start my own business as well as the skills needed to become a successful lash artist!!

Christina, @pinkbeauty.melb

She's made me feel so much more confident and motivated to begin my new journey💗 She has so much knowledge and will never make you feel silly for asking too many questions… Honestly I am so grateful to be Minh’s student because she supports you even after the course

Tina, @koixartistry

Investing into this course is one of the best things I could have done for myself, any questions I had beforehand were already answered in her method of training, and provided extensive knowledge and advice on consulting, styling, application, retention and the business side of lashing

Wendy, @azumiaesthetics

I wouldn’t be where I am without her mentor and guidance. She took more time out of her day to make sure I feel confident 💖

Raye, @rayelashes

Minh made me feel so comfortable, confident & knowledgeable right till the end has got me in awe. I loved how patient & supporting she was throughout practicing my handmade & the live model

Romely Joy, @lashitbyjoy
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